Surviving Week 1

The first week of the semester was eventful, very busy but personally I didn’t find it remotely stressful. Yes, there were times I was mildly irritated with some aspects of my work – notably all the Health Declaration Forms I had to process – but being very busy and stressed are two different things.

I’ve two modules running at the moment – one on bioreactors for our fourth years and one on separation processes for our third years – so I’ve lots to do to move them online. But having taught these modules before – the third year one about 25 times! – I do not feel particularly under pressure.

I suppose the thing I have going for me is that I actually like online teaching. I enjoy getting all my material sorted and making sure that all the relevant windows are open on my computer before recording my screencasts. I don’t seek perfection and if I stumble over something, I accept that as part of the normal course of lecturing and move on. I don’t edit or record except if I make a ‘bags’ of something at the start of a lecture. In fact, that’s when I’m most likely to make mistakes; once I get going I’m usually fine.

I think I’m going to enjoy this semester.

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