Time to shut down 9th Level Ireland

It seemed like a great idea: a sort of clearing house where links to articles and papers of broad educational significance would be provided. It used to be my go-to website first thing in the morning when I wanted to get my brain in gear. I though it was brilliant. I aspired to be Number 1 on its most read list.

But now it’s become like Facebook: a website where disgruntled academics and students can post whatever they want – not matter how ridiculous it is – knowing that it would be picked up by Ninth Level Ireland and passed on to the entire education community in Ireland and elsewhere. There was never any editorial control – just like Facebook – and it’s beginning to show.

The site has two choices in my view. Fact check or shut down. Since the former is unlikely, the latter is probably the best course of action. A supposedly academic web site needs to do better.

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