Work in the time of Corona

This is day three of my working-from-home period. Some things I’ve found:

  1. I’ve a lot more energy at the end of the day. I suspect this is because I have no commute.
  2. I really need to do a spring clean.
  3. It’s really important to simulate the normal working day by adopting your usual morning routine. The temptation to work, un-showered, in your pyjamas, is strong.
  4. Wear your shoes.
  5. I’m consuming an awful lot of tea.
  6. It’s important to go out and get a bit of fresh air. Yesterday I popped down to Wicklow and met a few goats.


  1. Pat Kenny has an awful habit of labouring the point. We understand, Pat.
  2. I’m looking at this time as a real opportunity to reflect on my teaching.
  3. The whole corona virus crisis has shown that the higher education system is far more capable of rapid change than we thought. This could be a tipping point.

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