Going Online #coronavirus

Well, the narration took a while. I got distracted by my fridge which started to make a weird noise. Then the phone range – twice! Lessons learned! However, it’s no harm if a little bit of humanity is injected into online lectures. Perfection isn’t necessary just like it isn’t in face-to-face lectures

However, I’m reasonably happy with what I’ve done – at least for a first attempt carried out under pressure – and that’s partly because the students also have a set of notes with them while they watch the video. It’s a good safety net.

Time will tell whether this approach “works” but as always, what really matters is whether the students engage with the material and don’t put it all on the long finger. My hope is that they will do the Problems Sets and take charge of their learning by, perhaps, forming study groups, online or face-to-face. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of class time working through the problems with the students and I think that ensured that there was some level of consistent engagement. However, with the online approach, I’ll have to rely on their own motivation, just like we had to back in the 1980s!

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