Corona and going online

Being in a high risk category, I’ve been anxious about going in to DCU this week. So this morning I bit the bullet and decided I’d give my lectures online. It’s one thing to hide away in your office; it’s another to stand in a small, stuffy room with 30-odd students.

Going online when you lecture with Powerpoint is probably not a big deal – you just have to add narration to your slides. But I don’t use Powerpoint: I provide word documents that flesh out the material, while I use my lectures for a mix of chalk-and-talk, problem-solving and interacting with students.

So I’ve prepared a series of slides while insisting/suggesting that students view the lecture with their notes to hand. I’ve inserted “pause points” where I direct students to tackle problems from my problem sets, or to simply think about some of the concepts I have covered.

I’ve to do the narration yet and I’m bizarrely nervous about that. Fingers crossed.

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