When enough is enough

Today (Friday) I came home from work at lunchtime. The reason: I was physically and emotionally drained. You see, this is the time of year when students who have sat exams in January want to review their scripts (“I can’t believe I got no attempt marks!”); students who submitted term papers in December and who I sent to the DCU Writing Centre for some remedial ‘treatment’ want feedback on their revised work; students who are “disappointed” with their mark in my lab module contact the programme chair to complain (despite not being able to draw a decent graph); final year project students seek daily advice on coding problems;  second year students email me to switch the date of an in-class exam because it doesn’t suit some of them for all kinds of reasons; and masters students want worked examples posted on Moodle so they can learn off the solutions to problems that they think will come up in next Monday’s exam.

I’m my own worst enemy because I promise a lot but sometimes I cannot deliver so I’ve cancelled my meetings for this afternoon. I’ve had enough for this week.

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