On optimism

I used to write a blog called educationandstuff and it had accumulated about 80K hits when I deleted it earlier this year. At the time I felt tired of my own voice and I had a sense that no matter what I said, or what others like me said, I was never going to make a difference. People would still waffle about 21st century skills, about jobs that don’t exist, about learning styles, and about schools killing creativity, no matter what said. The bullshit would continue.

But now that I’m less busy (I’m no longer associate dean for teaching and learning) and now that I’ve regained that sense of optimism – the belief that individual voices can make a difference – I’ve decided to start blogging again. Not being involved in the conversation has actually made me more frustrated than being part of it.

So, in a few days I’ll write my first serious blog post for quite a while and it’ll be about the so-called crisis in the higher education sector.


1 thought on “On optimism

  1. Greg,
    Please keep the flag of the anti-constructivist educators flying. Over in my particular corner of second level, when enduring the real outcomes of the Junior Cert Learning outcomes in Science, with a light sprinkling of growth mindset & wellbeing on top, in our current skills based model, it keeps me sane to know that I am not the only one who is not enamoured of the new “guide on the side vs the sage on the stage” mode of teaching. At present any voice of query in the Second level sector is identified as a voice of dissent, so it feels like the Resistance in France during WW11, when I read your opinions. “Plus ca change, plus la meme chose” (If my grammar construction is incorrect on that bit of French, blame inadequate rote learning!
    Frances Moloney (aka Mrs. Dr. Phil).


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